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The world of the 21st-century witnesses the development of connection among different people of all age groups! The most efficient help, in this case, is provided by the wide range of dating applications and websites that are available online. Be it naughty cougar dating or casual meet-ups, these sites provide a room for all. One such site is—- “”, a dating platform that matches up with the requirements and expectations of the naughty cougars, as well as the spirited youngsters.

Why do people prefer online dating sites?

Online dating was once a denounced activity, which has now become a trending and approved one. The main thing about online dating is that it is not actually dating online. As a matter of fact, online dating sites help you to meet new people online, followed by dating in-person. People usually prefer online dating because it leads you to anything or anywhere you want. While some people are looking for commitments and serious relationships in these dating websites, others are here for fun, friendship, and casual dates. Online dating sites allow you meet new people of your own choice to make dating way more simple and easy.

Features of

We usually find separate websites on the internet for cougar dating and dating for younger generations. But this dating app serves as a home to all age groups. Meeting new people, mingling with singles, playful webcam sessions, this particular dating website gives you the opportunity to enjoy it all. But, this is not all that has to offer to the naughty cougars or the playful youngsters.

It comes with a wide range of features that will not fail to amaze the naughty cougars who have signed in for naughty cougar dating or the ones who have joined the site for some serious connection. Let us go through the features of the app:

  • Cougar dating is the most flexible feature of this app. It comes as a blessing for the recently divorced women or the single mothers in search of some missing excitement. So listen up, all the older women out there, who are on for some naughty cougar dating online, this is the website you should sign in to complete the missing actions of your lives.
  • Another exciting feature of this app is that it allows you to search for other singles by viewing their detailed profiles. This way, you know whom to go with to establish a successful dating profile.
  • This dating application also gives you the scope of connecting with the members in the chat room and receive their messages. This feature not only helps in better communication but also gives you an idea about whom you would want to carry things further with.
  • Another handy feature that this app has come up with, is that you can receive winks from the people who are interested in you. Similarly, you can send flirty winks to others to show your interest in them.

This particular dating platform comes with location detectors that help you find singles nearby. So, wherever you might be, you can always look for single people around you and arrange a meeting whenever you want to.

Subscription has a lot to offer to the ones who are keen on having a good time, be it cougar dating, casual dating, or random flings. Though this application does not have customer service and the dating advice is limited, it comes with a three-day trial that allows you to know the site inside and out and then decide whether you want to finally subscribe to this app which costs $4.98.

After the package of a three-day trial is the package of one month costing $39.99. This package is specifically for those who want to sign in to this website for a shorter period of time. The three months package is the next appealing package of the app. This package remains valid for three months, where the cost per month is $29.99. The total cost after three months come up to $89.97. Then comes the golden package of the application, which is the six months package. In this package, the per month cost is $19.99 and the final cost after six months becomes $119.94. 

You can register your profile in this application for free and check out for singles. But you have to confirm your purchase to contact any of the members of the site or to use any of the features of the app.

Active Members

Since cougar dating is the most trending and popular kind of dating nowadays, mostly naughty cougars register into this website. Comprising of an astounding number of 70,000 people, this site has members of all age groups and all gender. Starting from singles looking for connections to settle down in their lives with, or youngsters who are in for some casual dating, you can find everybody here. A lot of married people too are found on this website.


Safeguarding your privacy is the first and the main priority of Keeping that in mind, this application comes up with the feature of blocking strangers or the members who are trying to invade your privacy. This way, you know that you can upload your detailed profile on this website, without worrying about your privacy. This application gives you the guarantee of protecting your privacy and ensures you a fun-filled and good time.


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