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Cougar dating is not for the faint of heart. Often, ‘cougar’ is termed as a slang that refers to a woman in search of physical love and satisfaction from a man significantly younger to her. But, as the technologies have advanced with the passage of time, several cougar websites and cougar dating sites have been introduced to make cougar dating simpler and easier.  Let us bring to your notice, one such application, among many, that has been ranked as the best cougar dating app—– “”. 

Why do older women go for younger men?

In and around the age range of 40 years and above, women are mostly stable financially and independent mentally. While some women look for energy and enthusiasm that have been missing from their own lives, in younger men, most of the women are in search of physical pleasure and satisfaction from these men. There can be several reasons behind cougars dating younger men.

To some, it is all about the physical attraction or how well these young men maintain themselves. To others, the relationship completely revolves around sex. While some feel that the older men are not approaching women of their age, according to others, all that the older men are looking for is commitment. But, commitment is never a guarantee for cougars dating younger men.

Features of

As mentioned earlier, among various other cougar dating sites and apps, has been ranked the first. This app comprises of an unbelievable and shocking number of 19,000 members, 40% of whom are women and the rest 60% men, reaching out to people they can connect with. Among several different cougar dating sites, this particular site has proved to be the nerve center of online dating. This app has managed to find perfect matches suitable for older women, providing each one of them with successful dating profiles. Let us go through the different features this app has to offer:-

  • Verified identity can easily be mentioned as the best feature of this app. This feature cannot always be found on the various other cougar websites. Through this feature, the app assures you of meeting only the most real and genuine people of the lot.
  • Emails and winks is another amazing feature of this app. This feature helps you to look over the emails and winks that you are receiving from the people around you, and decide by yourself whether you want to carry things forward and with whom.
  • Who viewed me? This is yet another appealing feature of this dating website. This feature allows you to check the ones who visited your profile and are interested in you. This way, you can have an idea about where to go for establishing a successful dating profile.

The updated version of the application has come up with even more exciting features that help you enjoy dating. Let us check some of them out:

  • Live chat: A demand in almost all the social networking sites and a necessity in every kind of relationship, this feature gives you the chance to interact with the person online and get to know him authentically through live chats. This way, again, you can go through all the options the website has to provide you with and then take a decision for yourself. 
  • Uploading pictures: As we all know, the first impression is the last impression, and what better way than uploading your best pictures to create an arresting first impression? The newest version of this application comes with an easier and smoother way for uploading your pictures, which is, most certainly, very crucial for your dating profile.
  • Better interaction: Among the several other cougar websites, this one has been marked the best, and for all the right reasons. This application exclusively focuses on improving your communication skills. Keeping that in mind, the updated version presents this particular feature to make interactions with unknown people easier for you. This feature allows you to express yourself freely and find your luck in the #1 Cougar dating app.


Just like its features, the dating portal also provides us with a wide range of packages to choose from. The subscription rates start from $33 and can go up conforming to the subscription package you have chosen.

The most elemental package of subscription the particular app serves us with is the one month auto-renewal membership. The package costs $33.99. The next package that the app offers you is the three months gold membership. This package comes at a price of $69.99 and lasts for 3 months. The highest membership that you can subscribe to in this application is the six months gold membership. This package remains valid for six months with subscription charges of $109.99.

Active members

Usually, the age of a typical ‘cougar toy-boy’ varies between early twenties and early thirties. Mostly, they are fairly handsome, well maintained, attractive young boys looking for older and experienced women. Women who choose to go for cougar dating are mostly in the age bracket of 40 years and above, who are generally experienced in all kinds of relationship.

These women can be widows or recently divorced single mothers in search of some new excitement in their lives. They can also be the kind of women who have always backed out from commitments and have remained single all their lives. Of course, there are a few married women too found in these cougar websites.


Privacy is the first priority when you are on “”, and the application guarantees to safeguard it. You can easily create a free profile on this site with your personal details and pictures and never worry about the protection of your privacy again. Moreover, this application comes with the most important feature of verified identity, which assures the safety of your privacy.


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