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Meeting new people in today’s world is a big turn down for most of the busy bees who are working day in and day out. This takes away the scope from them of interacting with new people and developing connections with strangers. This is when the role of online dating site comes into play. These dating websites work as remedies for singles who are eager to experience something new in their lives, different from their daily life routine. One of such biggest all-dating-websites is “”. It allows you to make new friends, chat with singles, meet cougars, assuring you a ride full of excitement.

Why do people go for casual dating?

Love and relationships are definitely not things you can rush into. They come naturally and spontaneously. While some people do search for commitments and love on the online dating sites, most of the people are here to be naughty and pass their time through casual dating. Casual dating sets your mind free from the different pressures of your life and comes without the vanity of a serious relationship. You can enjoy being flirted with or flirt yourself without any serious intent.

As a matter of fact, cougar lovers are also found on these websites who want to meet cougars and enjoy casual cougar dating. Then again, many people have had bad experiences in their past relationships, which make them think for a number of times before taking something as serious as commitment into account. There are others too who remain so busy at work that they cannot contribute enough of their time to relationships. Such people go for casual dating whenever they want to because they know that they can stop whenever they want to.

Features of allows you to flirt and chat with ease. It has secured its position among the top dating apps for singles, be it cougar lovers or playful youngsters. Once one of the most stigmatized activities, cougar dating in the UK has now become a trend. But mostly people in search of casual hook-ups and dates, are found registered into this app. Let us check out some of the features that this app comes up with—

  • Creating profiles: This app allows you to create your detailed profile and uploads your best photos on the site. Through this feature, you can create an eloquent first impression on whoever in viewing your profile.
  • Browse members: Through this feature, “” helps you to search for singles from around the globe, be it near you or away from you.
  • Send winks: You can send winks to the singles you are interested in, to carry things forward. Similarly, you can also receive winks from the ones who fancy you.
  • Free chat rooms: This feature allows you to enjoy fun chat room sessions and arrange naughty dates with the singles around you.
  • Favorites: You can make a list of your favorites through this feature and keep on adding to the list as long as you want to.
  • Like or not: This particular feature allows you to vote on whom you like, and whom you don’t.


The process of subscribing to this application is actually very easy. It comes with a three-day trial package costing $5.97. The next package is for one month, which is for customers who want to date for a shorter period of time. It costs $45.98. If you are not satisfied with packages of such short durations, then the three-month package is for you and will cost you $96.99.

The ones who want to enjoy casual dating for a long time, you can subscribe to the golden package of the application, the six months package. It is the most expensive one costing up to $137.99. So go ahead, all the naughty singles, choose the package for yourself and subscribe.

Active Members

Though this website consists of an astounding number of 80,000 members, mostly cougar lovers are found on this website who are keen to meet cougars and have an experience in cougar dating. It was once a denounced act. But after cougar dating in the UK became popular, it dispersed its allure throughout the world.

Now, cougar dating around the earth has become as trending and famous as cougar dating in the UK. Apart from cougars and cougar lovers, several youngsters are also found on this website, mostly in search of casual dating and fun. Starting from single mothers to married men and women, you can find them all here, up for some craziness.


This dating platform comes with an assurance of protecting your privacy. So that is not something you should be worried about when you are a member of the family. You can easily go for this dating service and enjoy the features and advantages of your dating family.


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